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Why use Online Activation?

Gone are the days when software could be sold on CDs with little more than a promise from whoever brought it to pay for every computer it was used on, not to give their friends copies, or even share it over the internet for anyone to download. Unfortunately with unprotected software all these practices are commonplace and increasing. So it's only the ever-decreasing number of honest users who pay.

But hold on, that doesn't seem fair at all. If virtually all the cost of software is the initial development fee shouldn't everybody share it instead of just the honest few? Well... That's what we thought.

How does it Work?

Your License Key is stored in a central location along with the number of computers that may use the software on that License. Every time you run a newly installed copy of software you will be asked to activate it.

As every computer has it's own hardware fingerprint it requires it's own Activation that the central server will only perform if your License allows. Hence ensuring every activated copy of software is paid for, so it's no longer just the honest few who share the cost of the software's development.

Why don't all developers use this system?

Many now do, but unfortunately some still believe you'd rather pay more for your software than activate it online. If you'd like your other software developers to use our system why not ask them, after all it's you who pays so they should listen.

What about my Privacy?

No personal information about you is recorded when your software is activated. We use only a few parts of the many serial numbers in your computer to generate a code, the online system stores that code securely so you will not have to pay again should your computer be damaged and your software need reactivating.

Should you wish us to remove this code then please email us at remove@fingoo.net. Obviously should you ever have to reactivate your software we will have no way of knowing that you're not activating a new computer, so you would have to pay again.

That's great, what else can you do for me?

That's not enough? Well ok, if, god forbid, your computer should be lost or stolen then we will do our best to help you identify it with the Police and get it back. If you're unfortunate enough to find yourself in this situation and would like our help, or would like to talk to us for any reason at all please email userhelp@fingoo.net.

For Developers

If you're a Developer and would like to find out how to protect your software see our Developers Page.

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