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We don't expect you to take our word for how good we are, so here are some customer reviews.

We offer a range of ActiveX controls and stand alone applications for download from our website. One of the most difficult tasks in software development is preventing unlicensed usage, and after much research I chose dreamKey to do this for us.

I found the dreamKey system very easy to use, it has obviously undergone a great deal of development. I also found the support team very knowledgeable and always promptly receive a personalized response. Customer satisfaction is definitely a priority for Fingoo.

We are very pleased with the secure features that dreamKey has to offer and we are migrating all of our software products to use dreamKey Licensing. I would definitely recommend dreamKey to any Software Development Company.

Jason Nelson
Oklahoma - US


Arc En Ciel use Fingoo Online Software Activation

Tony Reynolds
Technical Manager
London - UK

We produce office efficiency software mostly distributed on CDs. We've always been aware in the past that many of our clients bought a single copy then passed it around the office. Until now the only thing we could do about it was use dongles which cause serious inconvenience.

However, dreamKey has a very quick and easy way of protecting software. Of the last fifty single-user copies of our software sent out we received just two calls for help - one from a user without an internet connection which was easily resolved, the other from someone trying to install extra copies but was prevented from doing so.

Almost immediately after using dreamKey we had orders for an extra 40%!


We distribute MS Access Databases for the medical community, using dreamKey automated license creation to offer direct purchase from our website.

We are very pleased with how easily and reliably dreamKey software protects our MS Access Applications. Moreover dreamKey conquered cross platform reliability where all other software activation companies we tested failed. We would recommend the dreamKey software activation service to anyone wanting a professional solution.

Great customer support, they were far more thorough than we expected.

BioSoftWorld use Fingoo Online Software Activation

Katrin Vlachantoni
Athens - Greece


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