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Software Activation
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 Software Activation

Software Activation is the latest technical solution to managing software distribution. In Software Activation The CD Key is replaced by a License Key, which is given to each Licensee (End User/Group) and also securely stored at with the number of PCs remaining that may use the software for that License.


With Software Activation you can protect your software, so after a user installs it they must provide a License Key (with PCs remaining) to activate it. Now anyone who copies your software must pay as they require a license key to activate it. This turns would be pirates into honest users. Today there are many ways you can distribute License Keys. Software activation is very easy for the end user, even with offline PCs.

As a developer protected by Software Activation you will have an online account providing you with secure access to the central server, so that you may manage existing licenses and create new ones. This account will also guide you through the process of protecting your software with our Software Activation system.

Myth - Requiring Software Activation drives users away

We have spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure that with our Software Activation system this is no longer the case. The Software Activation Process can be carried out automatically online, or manually should the user wish to activate a PC that isn't on the internet. If you wish you may provide a service where the end user can call you by phone to activate their software.

The vast majority of users will choose Online Software Activation that is much easier than the old installation process using the 25 character CD Key, as the License Key can now be much shorter. With our Software Activation system you can also specify how many times a user may run the software before requiring Activation, so they can activate the software at their leisure.


Of course the main appeal of Software Activation to the end user is the knowledge that they're getting value for money and are no longer subsidising numerous other users who would otherwise not have paid for the software.


When your Software requires Activation it opens up a whole new world of opportunities for Software Distribution.

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